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Welcome toHighland ViewAcademy

We are a Seventh-day Adventist Christian day and boarding high school located in the hills of Western Maryland, along the Appalachian Trail. Learn more about our program and what our school has to offer!

HVA Students
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Final Quarter

As we enter the final quarter of the year, it's time to bring our A-game and show the what we're made of! Let stay laser-focused and crush our goals like never before. Our STEM students are heading to Ohio to witness the solar eclipse, and some of our students will be participating in the Model U.N at WAU. Don't forget to show your support for our girls' soccer team this Tuesday and enjoy the home show by our very own Aerials this Saturday night. Academy days are coming up this Sunday, so let's make these last few months count and end the year on a high note. We have the power to achieve greatness and make it happen!

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Our Mission

The mission at Highland View Academyis to inspire and mentor our studentsto excel in all Christ calls them to do.Our school is dedicated to helping studentsachieve excellence in academics, spiritual growth,social responsibility, interpersonal relationships,and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Ashley (Dunbar) McMullen

Class of 2007, Board Member

My time as a student at HVA ultimately led me to my current career as a nonprofit grant writer.
I took my first international trips as a student, visiting Belize, China, South Korea, England, and Scotland.  Fast forward to when I was a teacher, these past trips equipped me with the knowledge and network to lead my students to the Dominican Republic and Honduras. It was during my time in Honduras that I really felt called to do a different kind of service in humanitarian nonprofit work, and grant writing was the avenue. Through international travel and the connections made during that travel, HVA laid the foundations for me to recognize the call and gave me the confidence to follow it. Since then, I’ve felt immensely blessed with my professional and spiritual opportunities to work in my communities, locally and internationally, and help others make positive changes where they live, work, and play.
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