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HVA Aerials

The Highland View Academy Aerials is a co-ed acrobatic gymnastics team. With Christ as our center we strive to uplift Him in all elements of our life and team both on and off of the mats.


Lifetime Connection

The team-based environment is a great place for growth and a way to create and strengthen friendships. We, as a team, get to grow physically, socially and spiritually which allows us to create bonds that last a lifetime. 

Community Service

During the school year, we travel to a handful of elementary and middle schools in the Chesapeake Conference, performing and showcasing the skills and talents we’ve learned in Aerials. This is a wonderful opportunity to talk and interact with potential HVA students and show younger students how using our talents for Christ can be an enriching experience.  


Every November, an Adventist university hosts Acrofest, a 5-day gymnastics festival. Dozens of highschool and college teams come together to clinic, practice, and learn with others from across the country. On the last night, each individual school presents the routine they have been practicing. Everyday of Acrofest is filled with chances to connect with other people and make new friends!

Interested to Join?

Tryouts are at the beginning  of each semester, so If you couldn't make it to the first one, you can always come back in January!


For while bodily training is of some value,godliness is of value in every way,as it holds promise for the present lifeand also for the life to come.


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I enjoy doing gymnastics here at HVA. The gymnastics program here at HVA pushes its members to perform at the best of their abilities. The culture and work ethic is unlike many other sports.

Our coaches make sure we don't hit our moves by luck but by muscle memory.
They are passionate and dedicated to make our gymnastics program
the best it can be. In Aerials we do not consider ourselves a team,
but instead a family. We watch out for one another and
encourage one another, in order to get the moves down
without failure. That's why I love Aerials here at HVA. 

Paul Chureson, Class of 2024
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