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HVA Happenings

Hello Tartans! Congratulations on a fabulous basketball season, ending with a good game against Spencerville Adventist Academy. Looking forward to the rest of the week and next, the Highlanders and HVA Ringers are playing at the Catoctin church on March 2nd followed by a play by the senior class at 7:00 PM. The girl's soccer tryouts will start the Sunday after. The student led week of prayer will take place next week, ending with a student led Sabbath. 

The Highland View Academy students, filled with excitement and nervous energy, embarked on a field trip to the quaint church at Catoctin. As they entered the reverent space, the students eagerly set up their handbells and prepared for their performance. The melodious sound of the handbells filled the church, mixing with the harmonious voices of the Highlander choir to create a soul-stirring symphony that drifted up to the rafters. The audience was captivated by the talent and passion exuding from the students. This experience left a lasting impression on both the students and the congregation, reinforcing the power of music to bring people together in joy and unity.

The 12 Incompetent Jurors was a hilarious production put on by the senior class of 2024, featuring a jury deliberating the fate of a cat thief. Each juror brought their own comical quirks and misconceptions to the table, making for a lively and entertaining performance. In the end, the audience was left laughing and reflecting on the absurdities of human nature and the justice system.

During the week of prayer, the students took turns standing before their peers, sharing heartfelt messages that seemed to resonate with each individual. They spoke of the importance of maintaining strong connections with family, community, and God through moments of praise, emotional struggles, and trials. With each speaker bringing their own unique perspective and experiences, the student body was not only encouraged but deeply moved by the messages they heard. By the end of the week, a sense of unity and renewed faith had clearly settled over the school, reminding everyone of the power of sharing one's personal journey with others.


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