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Bundle Up and Stay Warm!

We hope you are doing well and that this weekly update finds you in good spirits. We have a week filled with many exciting activities and important announcements that we want to share with you.

To start, we organized an insightful field trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture on MLK Jr. Day. Our students had the chance to explore and learn about the significant history and contributions of African Americans. The experience was thought-provoking and rewarding for everyone involved.

Also, this week our students will be participating in MAP Testing. This assessment is a valuable tool to measure their academic progress and identify areas where improvement is needed. We encourage our students to give their best effort and approach these tests with confidence.

Unfortunately, due to bad weather, the basketball games with Frederick had to be canceled. However, we still have games for the Varsity girls and boys teams against Mountain View Christian Academy on Thursday. We wish our athletes the best of luck and anticipate an exciting competition.

Lastly, please save the date for an upcoming spiritual retreat happening this Friday. It will provide our students with an opportunity to reflect, recharge, and deepen their faith. We believe it will be a transformative experience for all who choose to participate.We are excited for another amazing week ahead, filled with learning, growth, and unforgettable moments.


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